Worries about
Increasing Spots

Worries about
Nasolabial Folds

around the Eyes

Old-fashioned Face

Worries about
Facial Loosening

Thick Pores

Turned Yellow

Small Eyes

Rough Skin




The effect varies for each individual. The follows are thoughts of trial users.

モニター 20 something year old female (used Patakara for 4 weeks)
My mouth became closed during sleep.
モニター 30 something year old female (used Patakara for 6 weeks)
I used it for about 1 week and was asked several times if I became slim.
I felt that my face became a bit brighter.
モニター 50 something year old female (used Patakara for about 4 weeks)
I did not notice that my hidden spots faded.
I was surprised that my eyes became big and obvious!
It will definitely be effective as long as you continue to use it. It is so good. I became beautiful and healthy.

モニター 60 something year old female (used Patakara for about 4 weeks)
I only used it for 4 weeks and felt that my face became slimmer.
My face became clear and full of elasticity. I really want to recommend it to my friend. 
モニター Male (used Patakara for 30 days)
After use, my condition of mouth split and snoring had improved.
And my friends often say that I have become young.
Apart from the change in my appearance, I also felt changes in my body.
I exercise my muscles everyday while using Patakara.







Beauty device invented by dentist

The inventor, Dr. Yoshiaki Akihiro is currently focusing on expressive muscle research and at the same time is also the Labour Health advisor for Japan.
Words from the Inventor


30 something year old female
I have always minded my double chin. Although I have tried lymphatic massage, gymnastics etc. various methods, none of them were effective. I was still unable to eliminate my double chin through weight loss, so I had already given up a little. However, this exercise device is completely different to the old device that I had used.
When I first started to use it, I felt that the area around my cheeks became tight and that my jaw line also became clear.
I was able to continuously use it, as I could use it while doing housework. I am now very happy when I look at myself in the mirror.
It is the same no matter which area. It would be better to increase muscle strength to tighten the muscles rather than to eliminate fat. The promoting of blood circulation caused my skin colour to become better. I will not be lazy and will happily continue to use it.

20 something year old female

You do not need to spend a lot of money or waste time to achieve the effectiveness of a small face. That is really great!
It would have been better if I had known this device before using those ineffective devices.

30 something year old female

Have you already started to become worried about loosening of the skin? Then you have to give it a try!
I think that it would be better if you start using it before loosening appears.
After having used this device, I did not have to worry about loosening and my friends say that my skin has become beautiful. They ask me, have you been using anything recently? And my blood circulation has become better. The skin colour and tension the next day from having used and not having used it is completely different. What makes me feel satisfied is that since having used it, I can still use less expensive cosmetics and not feel lack of moisture, although I am nearly 40 years old. I recommend giving this device a try before using expensive anti-aging cosmetics.

30 something year old male

On the 10th day after using it, my wife told me that I no longer snore. I am unable to know my condition myself while sleeping. However when I am awake, I no longer have headaches or feel like sleeping during the day.

50 something year old female

I feel that it is effective in making the facial muscles firm.
When I first started using it, my cheeks felt sore but perhaps it was due to its effectiveness, since my face became small.
After my friend saw my change, she wanted to purchase one to give it a try. The effect will be achieved if you continue to use it every day. My friend wanted to tighten facial loosening.

20 something year old female

I know this device from Lica’s (famous Japanese model) book. In order to eliminate nasolabial folds, I purchased one for myself and also one for my younger sister.
This device was originally to be used for improving snoring, bad breath and small face. Anyone would worry about something like bad breath. It would be very fortunate if it could improve beauty.


The television program uses the tightening of facial lines as the theme for introducing the product.
Normally, my mouth originally opens more easily and light nasolabial folds have appeared around my mouth recently. Although the price is not cheap, it was after reading someone else’s comment that I decided to purchase one.
After using it, it was not as difficult to use as I had imagined. It is fairly easy to use and I think that it should be fairly effective.
Although I only used it for 1 week, the light nasolabial folds had disappeared. Change in my jaw line would still need a period of time. I believe that it would definitely be effective. Give it a try! The price is worth it.

40 something year old female

Although it is only a simple device that you insert between your upper and lower lips, then close your mouth for 3 minutes, it feels that it is more effective than other devices that I have used. After having used it for about 1 week, I was asked several times if I became slim. My weight did not reduce, so it should be because my face became slim! I heard that if the strength of your teeth jaw has increased, dentition will be orderly (my child’s situation) and it can also improve oral breathing. Therefore, I also bought one for my child who is preparing for orthodontic treatment.

20 something year old female

I started to search for it after I saw the model introducing it but they were out of stock. I purchased it here in the end. I purchased it because of temporomandibular arthritis. The device does not hurt the chin when using it to stretch facial muscles. After having used it for 1 month, I felt that my facial muscles became firm and the people around me started to say that I became slim.

40 year old male

No matter how hard I brushed my teeth before, I was unable to eliminate my bad breath. I am so happy that it has been resolved.

10 years old or more girl

I can easily close my mouth gradually and suddenly discovered that my cheek lines became obvious. When first starting to use it, I was startled by the large quantity of drooling but it gradually reduced.

50 something year old female

I know this device from Dr. Hiromi Shintani’s book, so I believed in this product’s effectiveness from the start. I am currently still at the stage of closing my lips tightly for 3 minutes. I should be able to start doing the Patakara exercise after 1 month.

30 something year old female

I purchased it for about 1 week and discovered change in my facial lines. I found it to be effective so I also purchased one for my mum. I heard that she uses it everyday.

40 something year old female

As I mind my double chin very much, I originally intended to purchase a beauty massager but I will have to spend a lot of money. Just when I was hesitating about it, I happened to attend a dentist’s lecture and was recommended the device so I purchased one. The explanation of, with the increase of age, double chin and nasolabial folds appear caused by the biting strength becoming weak persuaded me. I use it while driving, at work or searching for information on the internet. As I use this kind of time or when I feel relaxed to use it, I do not feel it is bothersome so I continue to use it. Before use, looking in the mirror was a painful thing. As my double chin improved significantly, I now no longer reject looking in the mirror.


Although I have not told my friend that I am using it, my friend told me that my face has become firm. And although I have only used it for 1 week, the nasolabial folds that I mind have also improved. I was previously worried that my nasolabial folds will remain after I smile but now I do not have to worry at all.


I purchased this device as I wanted to improve my oral breathing. Although my cheek muscles hurt while using, it should be because it is effective. After continuing to use it, my mouth can close while sleeping.

30 something year old female

I have already continued to use it for 8 weeks. There seems to be no change in my appearance but the area around my mouth has evidently become tight. I am most happy that my mouth can close while sleeping at night and my condition of sore throat has improved. Previously while sleeping, my mouth was open, my mouth was dry and my throat will hurt especially during Winter. It does not hurt at all now. I hope that I can achieve having a small face and firm face. That would be so great. My face and chin initially do not have much meat and so is less obvious. It should be effective for people with double chin.

20 something year old female

I saw in a certain magazine that it is a product that Lica loves to use, which made me curious. I searched for it everywhere but it was sold out. I finally managed to purchase it. Since getting my wisdom tooth pulled out, my mouth will open, which made me very troubled. I purchased it for beauty purposes, in order to resolve this problem and hoping that the corners of my mouth can go upwards.

50 something year old male

My wife saw on television that there is a device that can maintain youthfulness and wanted to purchase it. I only knew about this product from searching online. It is an extremely popular product and it was out of stock everywhere. I finally managed to purchase it.


I oral breathe. After using it for a few days, my mouth can close more easily. I am most happy that the spasm on the left side of my face recovered after using Patakara for a few days. My contour also became obvious. I think that it is a great product.

30 something year old female

Facial loosening and nasolabial folds appeared. I wanted to use cosmetics but it would be better to train my muscles, so I purchased one. I put in a lot of effort using it everyday. My nasolabial folds seem to have become shorter and I very much look forward to the effect on my facial lines. After improvement, I use it for prevention so I will still continue to use it.

60 something year old female

My husband’s snoring is extremely severe. After reading various books, I felt that Patakara seems quite good so I purchased one. I did not know if my husband was being more cautious or if it is the effect of Patakara, since his snoring sound became smaller.

40 something year old female

Last time I purchased it was for tightening of my facial lines. This time it is for improving my child’s oral breathing. It seemed very difficult when first starting to use it but this is also a kind of delight. I like it very much.

20 year old female

I use it 4 times a day everyday. After 1 week, my cheeks felt tighter. I developed the habit of using it everyday progressing towards skin with elasticity.

30 something year old female

I play music that my children like and use it at the time that we decide on. We also definitely use it while bathing and my children also happily continue to use it.


I saw on a certain program on TBS about the effect on a female who used it for the purpose of anti-aging and felt that it is very powerful. I also wanted one and started to search for it and finally found it. I am so happy.

20 something year old female

Recently my friend started to ask me if I have become slim. I hope that my face can become smaller so I will still continue to use

The effect varies for each individual.


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